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  Welcome to Class 2 with Mrs Evans, Mrs Bennett,  Mrs Roy and Mrs Tolson

Class 2 whole class Sep 17

What your child will be learning about this term:


 Faith week

It has been 'Faith Week' for the whole school. Class 2 are learning about Judaism. The children have looked at special places, such as the synagogue. They have learnt about special festivals, such as Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur and Hannukah.

We looked at special artefacts linked with Judaism...

 artefacts 1  Artefacts 2
 Artefacts 3

Artefacts 4



The children are getting the opportunity to try foods linked to the Judaism. They have tried Apples and Honey, which is linked to the Rosh Hashanah festival. Later this week, they are going to make 'Mazah,' which is a type of unleavened bread!

Art apple and honey  Art apple and honey 2 


The whole school topic at Monkleigh is currently 'Superheroes'! Class 2 are learning about real life superheroes, such as 'Amelia Earhart,' who was the first woman to fly across the Atlantic Ocean solo, in the 1930's.

Last week, 'Amelia Earhart' (Mrs Evans dressed up!) came to Monkleigh School to visit the children. The children had previously learnt about her, and had prepared questions to ask her. They asked about her voyage across the Atlantic, and also her final voyage, when she was trying to fly around the world, when sadly, she crashed her plane and died.

The children were very excited to meet Amelia!

Meeting Amelia


Class 2 used the information they have gained in their literacy work, to write fantastic information texts about Amelia's life and achievements. We made a lovely display of all their work...

AE display

 Here are some examples of the children's work:

AE work 1   

AE work 2












 AE work 3