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Welcome back!

 Welcome to Class 2 with Mrs Evans, Mrs Bennett,  Mrs Roy and Mrs Daniel

What your child will be learning about this term:



Extreme Earth

Our School topic at present, is 'Extreme Earth.' To help the children learn about what effects 'Extreme' events can have on daily life, on the first day of term, we had a 'Disaster Day'! The children came into school to find everything in uproar! 

Class 2 had been disrupted by an unknown (at the time) event!

Disaster in class 2

disaster class 2


 In the front playground, there seemed to be a spillage! A can with an unknown substance inside, had emptied itself all over the ground. Special tape had to be placed around it, and warning signs put up, to ensure no one went close!

Disaster coming into school


All of the staff had to wear white suits, to help manage and deal with the aftermath of the 'event.' The children became reporters, and went around collecting evidence so they could find out what had happened!

 Disaster back playground Disaster taking notes 

 Electricity had been cut off to the school, so the children couldn't use the white board, or have hot school dinners. We all decided that the school had been hit by an earthquake! We are now learning about the effects of extreme events on the world, including Tsunamis, floods and volcanic eruptions.