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Monkleigh School has been awarded the Gold School Games Mark. Well done to everyone at Monkleigh School.

Karen Reeves (Head Teacher) and Tracey Wilson (PE coordinator) were delighted to be awarded the gold schools Games Mark. Mr Adrian Avery (School’s Games organiser for N Devon) presented the award and said,

‘It is a pleasure to award Monkleigh the Gold School Games Mark. They really deserve the award for the amount of time and care they put into providing sporting opportunities for all their pupils. It's not just about participation in competition but what they are providing their pupils in leadership opportunities and activities for least active up to their more gifted athletes in the school. It's fantastic how much sport and active healthy learning takes place and is a priority to them."

At Monkleigh School P.E plays a very important role and we try to offer the very best for all of our children. Whilst our P.E lessons are a high focus we also have active playtimes/lunchtimes and extra-curricular clubs. Our clubs allow children to try a range of different sports such as Cross Country, Football, High 5, Table Tennis and Multi Skills clubs.

Our School is part of the Torrington Learning Community Group of which there is one secondary school and a group of local primary schools. The secondary school GTS offers us festivals and competitions and the sharing of good practice. This has given our children the opportunity to participate in regular Inter School competitions and use a wider range of equipment which we can’t always offer.

Our own school organises a very successful cross country which has over 150 pupils taking part and a key stage 1 multi skills afternoon with our year 6 pupils taking the lead.

We are lucky to be able to use a local club’s mini bus and our local secondary school bus. This keeps our travelling cost down and allows us to attend more festivals/competitions.

We also take our children to local venues so they can see what facilities are available in our area such as Atlantic Racket Centre.

Travelling time sometimes cut into our morning/lunchtime sessions but carefully planned organisation ensures nothing is missed out.

Our Physical Education Programme

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EYFS and Key Stage 1


In foundation and Key Stage 1 teachers use the Devon Leap into Life scheme to influence their own planning. It aims to secure physical literacy in young children through these 4 strands:


Functional Movement – the development of fundamental movement skills.


Aesthetic Movement – incorporates body awareness and the ability to interpret a variety of stimuli through movement focused on dance and gymnastics


Manipulative Skills – focused on the ability to work with equipment and small apparatus and co-ordinate movements.


Movement Concepts – the development of decision making, how where and why to move and directional awareness.


Key Stage 2


The following areas are taught at the sport co ordinator discretion and personalised to the need of all children in the class.


All of Key stage 2 will take part in Swimming, Gymnastics, Striking & fielding, Athletics, Dance, Net/ wall games and OAA.


Allocation of PE


Children at Monkleigh Primary School experience 2 1/2 hours of PE per week. Swimming and Gymnastics are extra on a class rotation.


Intra-School Activities


We have a three school teams Cavaliers, Vikings and Romans. The children are given their teams as reception and stay throughout the school.




All children are expected to have a full PE kit in school every day. PE kit should consist of a red t.shirt, dark shorts/skort and suitable footwear. We also have red hoodies and sporting leggings can be worn during the winter months. 


Other Opportunities Outside of Curricular Physical Education


Sports Leaders


In year 6 children become Sports Leaders.Our children gain the skills to organise and run active games and activities independently considering all aspects of games including safety, space and modification.


Active Playtimes


Active lunchtimes are encouraged and sports leaders aid the activities using the skills they have learnt through the sports leaders programme.


Residential Experiences


Children in years 5 and 6 are offered the chance to partake in a 2 night residential trip in theAutumn term gaining valuable team building and learn fundamental independence skills.




   Extra Curricular Programme and Inter School Opportunities 


Festivals and Competitions


We are very proud to be involved with the GTS School Sports Co-coordinator. The co-coordinator provides an abundant calendar of festivals, experience days and competitions. Some of the competitions lead onto area finals which feed into the area school games. Monkleigh have achieved all sorts of success at many of these levels. Competitive sport is encouraged at Monkleigh Primary. Take a look at our trophy cabinet in school!


Other Opportunities Outside of Curricular Physical Education


Forest School


Forest school is an inspirational approach which helps develop confidence, self-esteem, emotional and social skills, whilst developing a connection and respect for the natural environment. Activities are carefully planned and thoroughly risk assessed. The child’s natural inquisitiveness and enthusiasm leads them into many areas of learning. We then help to deepen this understanding by providing the resources, tools and ideas. The activities are small, achievable and child led, ensuring success and increased self esteem. This allows them to learn from their current level of understanding and develop their personal creativity. Adults are there to support learning and ensure safety, allowing the children to explore many stimuli provided by the resources of the natural environment.


Active Playtimes


Active lunchtimes are encouraged and sports leaders aid the activities using the skills they have learnt through the sports leaders programme. All of our lunchtime supervisors encourage and join in with our active lunchtimes.





Class 1 having great fun keeping warm in P.E!