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Details on Monkleigh Holiday Club during the summer holidays

School Staff (at Jan. 2018): 

Headteacher Mrs Karen Reeves
Class R Teacher (Reception)  Mrs Donna Richards (Mon-Fri mornings, all day Weds) 
Class R Teacher (Recepion) Mrs Karen Thurlow (afternoons)
Class 1 Teachers (Yrs 1 & 2) Mrs Kate Slocombe
Class 2 Teacher (Yrs 3 and 4) Mrs Kelly Evans 
Class 3 Teachers (Yrs 5 and 6)

Mr Sussex

Administrator Mrs Di Beer
Administration Assistant  Mrs Sarah Jones
Classroom Assistants Mrs Tracey Carlisle (Class R)
Mrs Amanda Mayhew (Class 1)
Mrs Sue Bennett (Class 2)
Mrs Marie Jones (Class 3)
Casual Classroom Assistants Mrs Marie Roy
Pupil Support

Mrs Fiona Tolson 

P.E and Forest School

Mrs Tracey Wilson 

Kitchen Manager   Mrs Sharon Nash
Mealtime Assistants Mrs Sylvia Riddell
Mrs Amanda Mayhew
  Mrs Lynette Mayo 
Caretaker Mr Paul Paiano


Pre-school Staff: 

Pre-school Leader  Miss Jodie Chugg
Pre-school Deputy  Mrs Martha Kingdon
Pre-School Assistant Miss Nikki Troke




B&T Club Staff: 

Play Workers  Mrs A Mayhew 
Mrs T Wilson 
Mrs S Nash
Mrs S Jones 
  Miss N Troke






There are no vacancies at present.