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Class 2

  Welcome to Class 2 with Mrs Slocombe,Mrs Mayhew, Mrs Hobbs and Mrs Fenton.


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pdfcurriculum newsletter Summer 2023



                                     Class 2 enjoyed a visit to the Burton Art Gallery. They took part in printing activities and drawing.


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                                                                                     Class 2 have been very busy!

Music Lesson



 We have made our own printing blocks using wooden cubes and string. We printed using 2 colours and we also mixed the colours together to make other colours.

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Making beanbags for juggling using our tie dye.

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  Fraction Games.

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Practical maths-division.

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Design Technology.

Making bread.

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Yoga for health and well being.

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Reflecting light with torches and mirrors.

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Clay Fruits.

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Water colour painting in the style of Caravaggio.

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Games afternoon at Christmas.

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Class 2 Friday Outdoor learning fun.Splashing in Puddles!

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For our art this half term we have made 3D insects from newspaper, tissue paper and wire.

First we drew several different insects to make sure that we included a head, thorax, abdomen, wings and six legs.

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Next we chose an insect and drew a design.

Then we constructed the models using paper and masking tape. We made wings if the models needed them.

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We are really pleased with our painted finished results.

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One of our parents was looking after an orphaned hedgehog. We were pleased to be able to see him in Class.

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We have been learning to play Pocket Trumpets. So far we can play two notes and we are learning how this looks on the music stave.

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It's a busy time of the year for our Outdoor learning. We are preparing our beds in our School Garden ready for our new planting.


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Team work during Forest Schools helped us get across our field using milk crates and alot of balance!

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And who doesn't like splashing in puddles!

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