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Class 2

  Welcome to Class 2 with Mrs Evans, Mrs Bennett and Mrs Tolson

Whole Class Photo Class 2

What your child will be learning about this term:pdfCurriculum_Newsletter_Class_2_Summer_term_2019.pdf  pdfCurriculum_Topic_Class_2_Summer_Term_2019.pdf

Our Literacy work this term has been based on the book ‘Man on the Moon – A day in the life of Bob’. The children have been working in groups and individually to produce a range of expanded noun phrases to describe different scenes in the story.  We have also produced our own story board and have used the I Pad to take pictures of the still frames as each point in the story. We loved making the resources for this and all worked as a team in our groups.

dictionary Using dictionaries in class... dictionary2
literacy literacy2 literacy3
storyboard storyboard2 storyboard3
storyboard4 storyboard5 storyboard7

In Numeracy we have been focusing on place value and have used a range of equipment to help us.


numicon numicon2

Class 2 love using maths games to support our learning. 

maths game

As part of our whole school science topic of space we have been learning about how the planets orbit the sun. We worked in groups and used the balloons as planets to show this. These are the beginnings of our invented planets! We have used balloons and paper mache to create these. We will be painting and designing these soon.



space space balloons space planets

We were very excited to receive a note each from space! The aliens have gone missing so we made a ‘Missing’ poster to put up around school. You never know the aliens might start appearing after half term!!

letter from spaceletter from space2