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Class 3


 Welcome to Class 3 with Mr Sussex and Mrs Jones

 Here are our new members of Class 3!

whole class photo updated Mar 21

What your child will be learning this term:- pdfCurriculum_newsletter_Autumn_Term_2020.pdf

Class 3 have been really busy this term, particularly with all their topic work. 

In Science, we’ve covered lots of topics in the last two terms including:Light 

Light L Light L 2
Light L 3 Light L 4
The children learnt about how we are able to see things and about how light travel. Above you can see the children trying to refract light to see the colours of the rainbow. It wasn’t easy but they managed to get some amazing pictures!

 Circulatory System

Heart P Heart P 2
Heart P 3 Heart P 4
The children have also been learning about the circulatory system and were able to describe how blood cells move around the body and how they carry oxygen around the body. Here you can see them making their diagrams to explain the process.They have also starting writing their own fictional versions of how the process works!

 Lava Lamps 

They also had amazing fun making their very own lava lamps:

Lava Lamps

Lava Lamps P 2 Lava Lamps P 3 Lava Lamps P 4

 In History the children have started learning about the Ancient Egyptians. They have already done lots of research about the River Nile, Pyramids and Valley of the Kings. Here are some of their information posters they created:

Valley of the Kings L 2

Valley of the Kings P Valley of the Kings P 3

They have also learnt about the gruesome but very interesting mummification process. They did a super informative piece of writing and are really looking forward to having a go at mummifying something themselves soon, check back for photos soon!