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Class 3


 Welcome to Class 3 with Mr Sussex and Mrs Bennett

 Here are our new members of Class 3!

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 pdfcurriculum newsletter Summer Term

We had a fantastic day in Torrington on Wednesday. A huge thank you to Bill O’Donnell and all the Museum team who helped put together a really interesting and fun day! Here are the photos from the morning walk around the museum, lots of amazing stuff in there!

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We went on a walking tour of Torrington to see exactly where some of the battles would have actually taken place. The black horse was where Lord Hopton would have had his headquarters. A trip towards GTS showed us exactly where the barricades would have been placed and where the initial fight happened. A trip down Well street showed us exactly where the cavalry would have been sent down. Super interesting and we got very lucky with the weather!

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In the afternoon, the children did a re-enactment of the battle, which I’m sure they’ve all told you lots about. Lots of fun but the children were able to share so much knowledge about the Civil War, which Bill was extremely impressed about! A great day out, well done Class 3!

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The children have been looking forward to making their Mayan masks for ages. They had to either make a Mayan event mask or a death mask. After looking at their designs, and the scary looking white masks, it seemed fitting to start them on halloween! They’re looking good and will be soon be finished. At some point all the class will be going outside to play a Mayan ball game, wearing their masks in a ceremony before the matches begin 😀

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A really enjoyable afternoon at Torrington Golf Club. They did putting on the green, bunker shots, big drives and chipping. Huge smiles on everyones face at the end. Well done everyone.

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Welcome to Class 3everyone!

We had a great first day back. We got stuck straight in and did some Maths and PE this morning and the children have started writting about their summer holidays too. This afternoon we've carried on with our "All about me "portraits.

We were lucky enough to borrow a whole class set of micro:bits from GTS for our computing topic, which the children absolutely loved playing with. They programmed them to be step counters, a stopwatch and even a game of rock, paper, scissors. 
In Design and Technology, the children researched phone cases currently on the market, did some market research using online questionnaires and then designed and made their very own phone cases using felt and their new-found sewing skills! They turned out brilliantly.
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In Science, our unit of work has been 'Light.' The children have been recapping their knowledge on light sources and how we see things. They have also been learning about refraction using some interesting illusions, hunting for rainbows within objects using what they know about refraction and also creating shadows and explaining how shadows are formed. 
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Class 3 have loved using the glockenspiels this term. They have been learning lots of short tunes, discussing the changes in pitch and tempo, trying to find the pulse within a song and finished the unit of work off by creating their own tunes in small groups. We are looking forward ot having a specialist musician in next term to teach us how to play the Ukulele!
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In art, we researched and watched lots of videos about disabled artists and how they manage to create such wonderful paintings without using their hands. The children then loved having a go at a painting challenge using first their mouths to hold the paintbrush and then secondly their feet! They then designed and created their own painting using the method of their choice, these pieces will be entered into the Burton Art Gallery in Bideford, which is very exciting!
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It has been lovely seeing Class 3 finally being able to enjoy buddies again. They have loved spending time with the younger children and helping them read, play and complete activities each Friday.  

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We had an Art week in the Autumn Term. The children were challenged to create their very own wire sculptures showing a human movement. They were inspired by the work of Alberto Giacometti, looking closely at the variety of sculptures he made. The children did a fantastic job as you can see! 

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The children made these lovely pieces of Art on Remembrance Day after spending time discussing different wars and the importance they had on life today.  

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Tudors was one of the children’s favourite topics this year so far, they loved learning about the battles and wars, how people were punished an in particular all about the Tudor Royal family. Here are some photos of a self-directed research task the children undertook in groups to find out what life was like in the Tudor times.  

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We were lucky enough to borrow a set of Micro:bits from our local Secondary School GTS. The children were able to program these to turn them into step counters, so that they could play rock, paper, scissors, make emojis and even managed to turn them into Magic Eight Balls. Lots of fun was had! 

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We had a great first week back to school. We all got to know each other a lot better and created this super display of portraits filled with everything that makes them who they are.
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It was also so lovely for the children to spend time with Class 2 for the first time in a long time, lots of fun in PE and playtimes!
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In Class 3 we found out that we have some super fundraisers in Tallulah and Freya, who between them raised almost £400 for charity, well done girls!
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Class 3 have done lots of excellent maths work during their first topic of number and place value. We've done colour rounding, a fun game of 'Higher or Lower' and lots of excellent work in their books. 
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We also had a really successful lesson researching the 'North Pacific Tree Octopus.' The children weren't happy when I told them it was all a hoax but the lesson that 'not everything you read on the internet is true' really hit home!
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