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Class R

Welcome to Class R with Mrs O Donoghue, Mrs Richards and Mrs Carlisle!

Whole Class R



What your child will be learning this term:- pdfCurriculum_Newsletter_Class_R_Summer_term_2019.pdf

Welcome to the Class R web page which will be updated with some of the key learning activities taking place. Parents, please refer daily to the class Dojo in addition to this.
Please note the following:-
Wednesday pm - Forest School session outside with Mrs Carlisle and Mrs Wilson. Forest School kit is needed.
Thursday pm - PE session outside, in the yurt or at the village hall (weather dependent) with Mrs Wilson. Full PE kit is needed. 
Friday - Home learning will be sent home in book bags. This is designed to engage your child in sharing what they have been learning at school or to develop language that we will explore the following week.
Baby Bear continues to travel home with a lucky family each weekend! Please add only what you can to the diary. This can simply be drawings, leaflets or tickets stuck into the scrap book for your child to talk about with their friends. Photographs are fine too! The diary can be returned any day the following week.
In Class R this term we have been learning about Space! We focus our learning around the 7 key areas of learning for Early Years. We have been very creative - exploring the moon, the planets, the stars, aliens and rockets!
Our jet packs that we have made to fly us to the moon
Exploring and using tools in our space science lab Exploring moon rocks that had fallen from the sky
Painting moon pictures using bubbles and paint painting planets
Trying space food comparing dried and fresh foods
Everyday in Class R, we do Relax Kids in the afternoon. This is a time to relax and rest, ready for learning. We focus on breathing techniques and also do yoga which we thoroughly enjoy!
In Class R we always work as a team and understand the importance of friendship, being kind and helping one another. Here we have made a 'friendship web' together - we passed a ball of string to each person, saying something that person does really well or something that makes them special. What a lot of nice things we said! ????
Making a friendship web