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pdfReturning in Sept - guide for parents

pdfRisk Assessment (Sept 2020)

(NB - these are subject to change as and when new guidance is issued from the Government)


pdfAccessibility Plan Mar 2019
pdfAdmissions Policy 2020  
pdfAdmissions Policy (2021)  
pdfAdmissions Policy (2022)  
pdfAnti-Bullying Policy Jun 2019
pdfAttendance Policy Oct 2019
pdfBehaviour Policy and Statement of Principles May 2020
pdfCharging and Remissions policy Feb 2020
pdfChild Protection (Safeguarding) Policy Sep 2020
pdfComplaints Procedure Jun 2019
pdfData Protection Policy Sep 2019
pdfEquality Policy / Guidance Jun 2019
pdfEquality Objectives May 2018
pdfOnline safety (inc. Cyber-bullying) Nov 2019
pdfFreedom of Information Publication Scheme Jun 2019
pdfHealth & Safety Policy Mar 2019
pdfCurriculum Statement / Home School Agreement Mar 2019
pdfParent Code of Conduct Jun 2019
pdfRelationships and Sex Education Policy Jan 2020
pdfSEND Policy Jun 2019
pdfSupporting Pupils with Medical Condition Sep 2019
pdfParental agreement for adminstering of prescription medicine
pdfParental Agreement for administering non-prescription medicines  
pdfWhistleblowing Policy Jun 2019

(Please note that if a policy has been reviewed and no changes made, the pdf may show an older date)

pdfGuidance on infection control in schools 

pdfMonkleigh Primary School Privacy Notice (2020-2021)

pdfMonkleigh Primary School Privacy Notice 2019-2020pdfMonkleigh Primary School Privacy Notice (Track and Trace) - June 2020

Please find a link to in relation to the DfE Guidance on radicalisation and Prevent  https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/prevent-duty-guidance