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  • Monkleigh  Primary  School

    Monkleigh Primary School

    A small rural Primary School in the heart of N Devon, Monkleigh is a happy, fulfilling experience where we all 'smile, share and succeed.'

  • Breakfast and Tea Club

    Breakfast and Tea Club

    Wrap around care from 8am until 5.30, run by school staff, where children of all ages, have fun doing a range of indoor and outdoor activities and eating breakfast and tea together. 

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  • Beautiful Surroundings

    Beautiful Surroundings

    Breath taking views of the surrounding countryside and marvellous outdoor facilities, with a large playground, field and many outdoor activities.

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  • One  BIG HAPPY  Family

    One BIG HAPPY Family

    At Monkleigh we know and care for our children as individuals. Their well-being and personal development and happiness is as important as academic achievement. A happy child, who feels safe and cared for is in the best place to learn, this is evident not only in our results but in the smiling faces around school.

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  • Exploring LEARNING  Through Play

    Exploring LEARNING Through Play

    Our Pre School and reception children have lots of exciting outside spaces to use.

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  • Our SENSORY  Room

    Our SENSORY Room

    A unique space, used by lots of children at different times for a bit of time out of the classroom.

  • Exciting LEARNING  Environments

    Exciting LEARNING Environments

    Year 1 and 2 have use of this amazing Yurt.

The best Education we can possibly provide to your children


At present there are approximately 100 pupils on roll. The children are divided into four classes. Please browse to the following pages to see photos and news:

Foundation Stage Unit

Class 1 - Years 1 & 2

Class 2 - Years 3 & 4

Class 3 - Years 5 & 6

    There are a variety of school clubs available for the children at Monkleigh School to join. These include Muliti-Sports (football, netball, cricket etc), Cross Country Club, Dancing and Film Club.

    We are proud to say that Monkleigh School has achieved a "Healthy Schools Award," and an "International Schools Award" (at foundation level). We have also attained an achievement for exceptional delivery within the P.E. and Sports Strategy.

Class 3


 Welcome to Class 3 with Mr Sussex and Mrs Jones

 Here are our new members of Class 3!

Whole Class Photo 2020

What your child will be learning this term:- pdfCurriculum_newsletter_Autumn_Term_2020.pdf

Class 3 have been really busy this term, particularly with all their topic work. 

In Science, we’ve covered lots of topics in the last two terms including:Light 

Light L Light L 2
Light L 3 Light L 4
The children learnt about how we are able to see things and about how light travel. Above you can see the children trying to refract light to see the colours of the rainbow. It wasn’t easy but they managed to get some amazing pictures!

 Circulatory System

Heart P Heart P 2
Heart P 3 Heart P 4
The children have also been learning about the circulatory system and were able to describe how blood cells move around the body and how they carry oxygen around the body. Here you can see them making their diagrams to explain the process.They have also starting writing their own fictional versions of how the process works!

 Lava Lamps 

They also had amazing fun making their very own lava lamps:

Lava Lamps

Lava Lamps P 2 Lava Lamps P 3 Lava Lamps P 4

 In History the children have started learning about the Ancient Egyptians. They have already done lots of research about the River Nile, Pyramids and Valley of the Kings. Here are some of their information posters they created:

Valley of the Kings L 2

Valley of the Kings P Valley of the Kings P 3

They have also learnt about the gruesome but very interesting mummification process. They did a super informative piece of writing and are really looking forward to having a go at mummifying something themselves soon, check back for photos soon!  


Class 2

  Welcome to Class 2 with Mrs Slocombe and Mrs Mayhew

whole class 2 photo

What your child will be learning about this term: pdfClass_2_Curriculum_Newsletter_Autumn_Term_2020.pdf

IMG 3427 IMG 3442
  Art club tie dying t.shirts


IMG 3907 IMG 3909 IMG 3961

The children experimented with light using a prism and made shadow puppets to retell

the story of The Smartest Giant in Town

IMG 4148

Remembrance Day Poems and Art work

IMG 4151

Gymnastic Lessons.

IMG 4182

Playing samba rhythms using bamboo tamboo instruments.

IMG 4233

Sharing gymnastic medals during show and tell.

IMG 4254

Outdoor Education!

IMG 4271

Learning times tables with the help of Supermovers BBC website.


IMG 4306 IMG 4311 IMG 4317
  Learning maths strategies  


IMG 4352 IMG 4359
Investigating textile artists in the UK.


IMG 4374 IMG 4380
The ASDA Superhero came to share fruits as part of our science work on animals and humans

IMG 4402

 Working in pairs to discuss tge types of teeth we have.

IMG 6667 

Our Remembrance Garden in our Forest School Area. 

Class 1

Welcome to Class 1 with Mrs O'Donoghue, Miss Turner and Mrs Hobbs!

Whole Class Photo 20 21

    What your child will be learning this term:  pdfClass_1_Curriculum_Newsletter_Autumn_2020.pdf

A reminder that on Fridays the children need to come to school wearing clothes suitable for both PE and outdoor learning.  The children don’t need to bring in wellies and waterproofs. Mrs Wilson will be teaching Class 1 on Fridays. They will be doing maths challenge, spelling test, PE and outdoor learning as well as the usual maths and phonics lessons.  

Please remember to have a pair of trainers on pegs every day. These will need to stay in school all week. Also remember to send your child in with a coat too. Due to the current situation we are lacking indoor space that can be shared and the children have to be out of the classroom for a short period after lunchtime come rain or shine so the whole room can be cleaned down ready for the afternoon.  

Your child’s book bag will be kept in class until it’s needed to be sent home. Reading books will come home soon once our new phonics programme is up and running!   (returned books will be quarantined before being sent home to another child). 


 This term has been a busy term already with lots of learning taking place! Please take a look below at some of the exciting things we've been up to!
In Maths this term, we have been doing a lot of practical maths linked to addition, subtraction and place value. We have thoroughly enjoyed playing number bond bingo and writing number sentences to go with it. We are understanding how numbers are made and how they contain tens and ones. 
thumbnail Maths 1 thumbnail Maths 2 thumbnail Maths 3
thumbnail Maths 4 thumbnail Maths 5 thumbnail Maths 6
 In Science this term we have been exploring everyday materials and how they can be changed.
Look at us experimenting with lots of materials here!
thumbnail Science 1 thumbnail Science 3 thumbnail Science 5
thumbnail Science 2 thumbnail Science 4
thumbnail Science 6
In Art this term we have been looking at textiles and collage and the work of the artist Matisse. We have explored the techniques of layering, rubbings, tearing and creating animals out of shapes. We are now going to create our own masterpieces using these techniques!
thumbnail Art 1 thumbnail Art 3
thumbnail Art 4 thumbnail Art 6
 We are finding History very exciting this term - learning all about the Suffragettes and in particular, the life of Emily Davison. We created our own ballot box and couldn't belive it when Mrs O'Donoghue only allowed the boys to vote! We were very cross and angry about it and knew how the Suffragettes would've felt and why they did what they did to get women the vote! 
thumbnail History 1 thumbnail History 2 thumbnail History 3
 Outdoor Learning
 Our Outdoor Learning sessions have been so much fun this term! Especially in the wet and muddy weather! We have been helping get our outside area ready for the spring - we have been sawing wood, chopping plants and even hunting for worms!!
thumbnail Outdoor Learning 1 thumbnail Outdoor learning 2
 And, as always, we continue to be very active in Class 1 with our daily PE lessons. Here we are joining in with some superhero dance! 
 thumbnail PE

  High Frequency Words that children are working towards learning:


 PE kits and bookbags need to be in school every day please. 

Foundation Stage Unit

pdfFSU Admissions Policy

pdfNote of interest for a nursery place

pdfParent Declaration form

pdfNursery Admissions Application form - DCAF-0

Welcome to our Foundation Stage Unit with Mrs Emptage, Miss Chugg,  Miss Troke and Mrs Kingdon

Whole Class Photo Sep 2020

 What your child will be learning this term:- pdfCurriculum_Newsletter_Class_R_Spring_2020.pdf

 We are really pleased with the way that our new Early Years Unit is coming together. All of the children are enjoying becoming familiar with their new shared spaces. The children have been having great fun outdoors Many obstacle courses and dens have been built. There has been lots of digging and transporting of materials taking place in the gravel pit. We have been treated to many shows from our outdoor stage. The children have enjoyed sitting at the tables to read, write and play games. The children have been taking pride in their learning spaces and have been working together to look after our resources and to keep tidy.

Screenshot 20200914 182450 Screenshot 20200914 182459 Screenshot 20200914 182508
Screenshot 20200914 182517 Screenshot 20200914 182525 Screenshot 20200914 182536
Screenshot 20200914 182603 Our new Early Years Space! Screenshot 20200914 182552

We have had lots of fun reading Owl Babies and taking part in lots of learning activities and experiences linked to this. We have enjoyed walks in the local area to look at the wildlife and to collect interesting things to help us make bird nests. We have learnt all about the characters in the story and thought about how they are feeling. We have used our scissor skills to make owl masks and to cut cooked spaghetti to help us make owl nests. Lots of our play has been based on den making and shelter making because the owls wanted somewhere to feel safe while they waited for their owl mother to return.

We have been working hard on our mark making and learning to write our names in paint, chalk, water and pencils. 

The children have lots of wonderful ideas for where they would like to take their play and learning which includes learning about volcanoes, horses, animals and police stations. Our next theme will be 'On the Move' starting with 'On the Ground' and then moving to 'In the Air' keep an eye on this page for lots of exciting developments!

country lane 2 P country lane walk P  
Our Little Learners are really enjoying meeting their buddy's at Moreton Court every other week!
Moreton Court 1 Moreton Court 2
Moreton Court 3 Moreton Court 4
 Moreton Court 5 Moreton Court 6 
Moreton Court 7
In Class we have been using the writing table well - writing and putting meanings to the marks we make! 
Our topic this term is festivals and celebrations. Here Class R tried pomegranate and apples dipped in honey as a treat to celebrate Rosh Hashanah. 
IMG 6163 IMG 6214
IMG 6222 IMG 6243
thumbnail IMG 6248 thumbnail IMG 6254
thumbnail IMG 6256 thumbnail IMG 6301

Coming Events

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  • Foundation Stage Unit

    Welcome to our Foundation Stage Unit with Mrs Emptage, Miss Chugg, Miss Troke and Mrs Kingdon

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  • Class 1

    Welcome to Class 1 with Mrs O'Donoghue, Miss Turner and Mrs Hobbs.

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  • Class 2

    Welcome to Class 2 with Mrs Slocombe and Mrs Mayhew

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  • Class 3

    Welcome to Class 3 with Mr Sussex and Mrs Jones

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Our school goals

Our School Goals

We are a forward-thinking school, with a happy, secure and stimulating learning environment in which all members of the school community can grow in confidence and develop their full potential. We aim to prepare our children and students for a rapidly changing world by equipping them with critical thinking skills and respect for core values of honestly, loyalty and compassion.

Students will have success for today and be prepared for tomorrow.

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